Before & After: A Third-Storey Home Addition for a Growing Family

This major third-floor home addition project created more space in an inner-city home for a growing family that was in love with their community.

This major home addition project created more space in an inner-city home for a growing family that was in love with their community. When the homeowners approached us for this project, they told us how much they loved their home, their neighbourhood and their kids’ school but they didn’t have enough space for their growing family. They needed to add on to their home, and with their home on a small inner-city lot, they opted to build up. This third-storey home addition means that they get to keep the home they love and to have more space for their family.

A Balcony with a View


Adding a Third-Floor Master Suite Getaway

Before the home addition, the home had two floors. The second-floor was only about 700 square feet and it contained the master bedroom and ensuite, two kids bedrooms and a main bathroom. It was cramped, to say the least.

Adding the third-storey gave the parents a whole floor to themselves for a large master bedroom with a fireplace and a large ensuite and walk-in closet. We were also able to add a balcony with phenomenal views of the downtown Calgary skyline just outside of the master bedroom. With the extra space on the new third storey, we created a peaceful “retreat room” for the parents, complete with a TV, couch and a technology corner/reading nook — for when they need a break from the busyness of life.

A whole floor for the adults


Creating a Kid-Friendly Second-Floor

With the addition of the third floor, the second-floor was then converted to have two bedrooms for the kids, a laundry room and main bathroom. Both kids got larger rooms and a staircase was added to access the third floor. Bigger kids rooms, a whole floor for the parents — it was a win-win situation for everyone.

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What a transformation!


Home Addition Challenges

As rewarding as this third-storey home addition project was, there were a few unique challenges we had to take into consideration. The home was located in the Sunnyside community, where there is not much space between the homes and there were many large trees that we needed to work around during construction. To avoid damaging neighbouring homes or nearby trees, we used large cranes to move materials into place. 

We’re really proud of the expert craftsmanship, high-quality materials and high-level finishing that went into this home addition project. Adding a third-storey is no easy task, but when we look at the final product and the space we were able to create for every member of this family — it’s so worth it.

If you’re interested in a home addition project, keep in mind that it can take on any shape or form you’d like. You just need to consider what you need out of it, your budget, your existing structure and the zoning requirements of your neighbourhood. For more information on different types of home additions, check out Home Additions: Should I Build Up or Out?

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