Four Alberta Rebates Programs for Your Next Home Improvement Project

Check out our list of the top four available rebate programs for Albertans looking to do energy-efficient home improvement projects to save on energy & money.

Energy efficiency isn’t just a home renovation trend or political agenda—it’s a smart investment. Almost 20% of the energy consumed in Canada is used to run our homes. As a result, turning to energy-efficient alternatives and technologies for your next home renovation or home improvement project could be a big opportunity for you to save on energy costs now and far into the future.

We often associate energy efficiency with short showers, cold water and low-flush toilets. However, with modern technology efficiency, today often helps us to save money and energy, without sacrificing comfort or quality of living. In fact, with the new technologies available, energy efficiency can even enhance your quality of life!

Now, you might be thinking: Sure, an energy-efficient home improvement project would be great—if I were made of money. But don’t worry! If you’re an Albertan homeowner and would like to improve the efficiency of your home, these four rebates can help you spend less to achieve that goal. We know keeping track of all the rebates available can be overwhelming. That’s why we compiled a list of four of the top rebates for Albertans looking to do energy-conserving home improvement projects and save big in the process.

1. Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation (CMHC) Green Home

Our first opportunity for affordable energy-efficient housing is through CMHC Green Home. If you buy, build or renovate for energy efficiency using CMHC-insured financing, you could receive a 15% rebate for building a home to Energy Star standards or up to 25% for building a house to R-2000 building standards.

How to Apply

If you think you might be eligible for this rebate, check out CMHC Green Home program fact sheet for more information and download the Green Home application form to apply by mail.

2. Genworth Canada Energy-Efficient Housing Program

Genworth Canada is a company that is passionate about supporting Canadians who want to make environmentally-friendly choices. Through their  Energy-Efficient Housing Program, home buyers purchasing a new energy-efficient home or making energy-saving home renovations have the opportunity to save significantly.

When you build a home through one of Genworth Canada’s qualifying energy-efficient building programs or meet the prescribed minimum of Natural Resources Canada Ener-Guide requirements and fund it through a Genworth Canada insured mortgage, you can save 25% of the insurance premium!

How to Apply

To ensure eligibility for this program, please refer to the lender updates addressing recent changes to the mortgage insurance guidelines:

3. Energy Efficiency Alberta (EEA) Home Improvement Rebate Program

EEA’s Home Improvement Rebates are performance-based. Meaning, the more energy your home improvement project saves, the more money you’ll get back in a rebate. When you work with a participating Alberta contractor to increase the energy efficiency of your home, you have the opportunity to save big!

Drain Water Heat Recovery

Drain water heat recovery (DWHR) devices capture heat destined for the sewer and transfer it to cold water coming into your water heater. This results in less energy being required to heat your water to the desired temperature. You can receive up to a $500 rebate when you install this device.


When you improve the insulation in your home, you reduce your energy expenses and increase your home’s value—win-win! Energy Efficiency Alberta’s rebates available for insulation are dependent on where the insulation is applied, how much insulation is added, and how many square feet receive the upgrade. Rebates of up to $3500 are available for the installation of new insulation in your home.


When you upgrade your windows to new ENERGY STAR® triple pane, Low-E, argon windows, you increase your home’s value and increase airtightness. Further, they can reduce energy loss and road noise. Rebates of up to $1500 are available for the installation of new, energy-efficient windows.

Tankless Hot Water Heater

An ENERGY STAR® approved tankless water heater takes up less space in your home and wastes less energy. Additionally, tankless water heaters provide hot water faster than traditional water heaters. With rebates of up to $1000 available for installing a tankless water heater, it’s the most cost-effective way to heat your water!

To support those making significant energy improvements to their home, an additional $1,000 bonus is available to homeowners who complete three or more of the following measures within 18 months of the pre-upgrade Home Energy Evaluation.

How Do I Claim my EEA Home Improvement Rebate?

1. Complete your EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluation

2. Get your customer home report

3. Complete the recommended upgrades and get your rebate

4. EEA Online Rebates

With Energy Efficiency Alberta’s (EEA) Online Rebates you can save $75 for each outdated household appliance (listed below) that you replace for newer, energy-efficient products. The goal of this rebate program is to make these new appliances and technologies affordable for Albertans. Once you make the switch, you will immediately begin to save money on your energy bills too!

Furnace with High-Efficiency Motor (ECM)

Purchasing a furnace with a high-efficiency motor (electronically commutated motor or ECM) can save 15% of your electricity use.


Old fridges use more electricity than any other home appliance. Upgrading from an old fridge could save up to $73 a year in energy costs – up to 30% less energy.

Clothes Washers

Energy-efficient clothes washers save thousands of litres of water every year. This means you can save an annual average of $40 on energy costs.

Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat keeps your home at an ideal temperature at all times, saving energy and saving you money.

How Do I Claim My EEA Online Rebate?

1. Take a look at the qualified products list and decide which items you’d like to buy

2. Buy the qualified items from a local retailer or online

3. Take a picture of or scan your receipt

4. Go to: Claim Your Rebate

5. Follow the prompts to upload the picture or scan of your purchase receipt.

6. You will receive your rebate in the mail within 6-8 weeks!


If you want some more information on how you can save on energy, check out Energy Efficiency Alberta’s Home Efficiency Tool. This tool will help you discover how much power and money you can save by upgrading appliances, lighting and more in your home.

As home renovation and home building experts, part of our job is making sure you know all the options out there for your project. If saving energy and saving on your utilities is something you’re interested in, we’d love to work with you to find the most energy-efficient and cost-saving appliances, technologies, materials and methods.