Kitchen Renovations Near Me

See inside newly renovated Calgary homes

Are you the type who attends open houses just to see inside? If you’re curious about what your neighbours have been up to and what style and design choices they’ve made, check out these five kitchen renovations. 


The Teens 

When you’ve lived in a home for 18 years, and your kids reach their teenage years, it’s time for some updates around the house. 

This family has decided to expand their kitchen and add an integrated banquette in the island to create a central hub for homework. A perfect solution considering we’ll remove their rarely used office to put in a mudroom that will now store their swimming and hockey gear. 

Soon, the kids have somewhere to hideaway all of their equipment and have space to gather after school.

In this kitchen, we’ll include book storage and hidden drawers so laptops and cords are accessible but won’t clutter the room.

Kitchen with a banquette.


The Adults 

This couple moved into a period home roughly four years ago, and some rooms needed an update to bring them into this century. 

While we’ve seen a lot of sleek, modern kitchens in the past few years, there’s been a definitive move towards warmth in the home, which fits perfectly here. Keeping to the original feel of the house, we’re adding some personality with beadboard cupboards and updating the functionality with a new powder room.

Complete with this year’s trending colour palette, this kitchen will soon be inviting and comforting. 

The Empty Nesters

Once again, the green is back, and this time with an earthy-toned maple island. All in the home of a couple who has lived there for 30 years. 

Their house is large but stuck in the 90s with dark, separate rooms, and a tiny kitchen.

To modernize it, we’re taking out the wall between the formal dining room and the kitchen, adding a 10-foot island, and creating a more casual eat-in space that’s great for gathering their visiting family.

When the family comes home, our empty nesters will be able to share their loveof baking with their granddaughter with plenty of drawers and cupboards for their supplies. 

The Out-of-Town Travellers

We said *neighbours*, but this couple technically live outside the city. Both big travellers for work, they wanted their home to be a welcoming space they returned to. 

A cozy, modern farmhouse look matched their existing home well. We added a Venetian plaster range hood for added softness and a butcher block countertop for rolling out bread dough.

Complete with additional touches for the home cook, like the pot filler above the stove and wine rack for enjoying a nice dry cabernet while whisking up dinner.

The Movers

These empty nesters have moved a few times but still weren’t satisfied with their kitchen. To remedy that, we’ve blown out the wall to extend the room and replaced the yellow oak of the 90s with timely warm tones. 

Rather than swing the completely opposite direction and opt for a stark, glossy kitchen, they’re leaning towards browns and greys with taupes and beiges, steering clear of the dreaded yellow.