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Update your Home as Your Lifestyle Evolves

Your lifestyle is ever-changing but unfortunately, your home has largely remained the same. Your children have moved out, your office is still tucked in a deep corner of your basement and your bathroom feels like it’s straight out of the 80s, when you first bought the house. Frankly, it’s not feeling like the home for you anymore.

At Melanson, we understand your frustrations and we know that deciding to renovate your whole home can seem overwhelming when you need to relocate and stick to your budget. That’s why we work with you to ensure you can get back into your home (or maintain livable areas) as quickly as possible, all within the budget we’ve set out at the beginning of the project. We focus on large scale home renovations in Calgary, Alberta and surrounding areas.

Let us help you fall in love with your home again with a whole home renovation.

Recent Whole-Home Renovation

Okotoks Whole Home Renovation

  • Whole Home Renovation
  • Gas Fireplace w/ Stone
  • Custom Cabinetry
  • LVP Flooring
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Keep Your Favourites and Upgrade the Rest

Chances are when you moved into your home you fell in love with specific aspects of it. Whether it’s your charming entryway, the natural light in your kitchen or the original clawfoot tub, there are pieces you might want to keep. There might also be things you could do without, like your small, narrow hallways that serve no purpose other than a wall to hang photos on.

Renovating your home allows you to keep those delightful moments and upgrade the rest.

By completing a whole home renovation in one go, you can pull each room together — and into this decade. You’ll gain the flow of a new home with the warmth of the original home you once fell head over heels for. Keep your Calgary neighbourhood, lot, big trees and sprawling backyard, but renovate the home.

Our Process

Working with your Calgary home renovator has never been easier. We follow these 5 simple steps to ensure you get the home you want with a shorter, more accurate construction process.

  1. Meet your Contractor & Designer to discuss your wish list and budget
  2. Design your home with our in-house designer
  3. Approve the Design Plans and Project Cost
  4. Make Your Interior Selections (tile, flooring, cabinets, etc.)
  5. Construction Begins

Let’s Make Your Current Home Your Forever Home

In-House Design

Expertly blend function and style with the help of our in-house designer who pulls from his years of experience working on hundreds of houses to craft you a home that’s like no other. Our designer will work directly with you to figure out what is most important to you and your lifestyle and then incorporate that into your home design.

We’ll take the time to understand what made you choose your home in the first place and use that as inspiration for your final design without forcing you to start fresh. Better yet, we’ll 3D render your designs before we get started so you can see your new home come to life and see how it can better function for you.

If you want your friends to walk into your home at your next dinner party and say “this really looks like you” or “this is amazing” then you’re in the right hands.

Types of Home Renovations

A whole-home renovation considers the flow of your entire house and ensures it functions for you — from the kitchen to basement to master bath, you can have it all.

  • Expand your living space with an open-concept design
  • Upgrade your kitchen with new cabinets, appliances & layout
  • Renovate or add a bedroom complete with walk-in closets
  • Update or add a bathroom within your main areas or ensuite
  • Redo your basement with a playroom, secondary suite
  • Add an entertainment room
  • Renovate your entire home so each & every room works for you

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“Jeff (Managing Director) did a great job coordinating with a terrific group of suppliers, Brad (Field Manager) provided the day to day quality control, and [their field assistant] was the hands-on talent for much of the work. We heartily recommend their service.”

John & Shirley

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