Maximize Your Kitchen Cabinets with These Unique Ideas

Make the Most of Your Space with These Calgary Kitchen Layouts 

Choosing custom cabinets allows you the freedom to make your kitchen your own. There is no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all cupboards that quite literally fit nothing conveniently. Everything is designed for your use. 

Check out these ideas and see what fits your dream kitchen. 

Floor to Ceiling 

Have you ever cleaned the top of your cabinets? It’s kind of gross. 

Instead of leaving a foot or two of space for dust and grease to collect, extend your cabinets to the ceiling. 

Not only is it easier to clean their face, but you’ve maximized your vertical space. Similar to floor-to-ceiling windows, the extension makes your room seem much grander. 

Worried about reaching the top? Add collapsable, built-in stools that slide out for use and easily tuck away for a trip-free floor, or opt for the whimsical library-style ladder. 


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Avoid the Clanging Pots and Pans 

Notoriously hard to store, pots and pans take up unnecessary space in your cabinets. 

Instead of placing them in a cupboard, choose deep drawers close to your range with an additional drawer for slanted pot lid separators. 

Hide the Spices 

There’s nothing custom about the spinning countertop spice rack. To keep your spices accessible yet concealed, opt for a spice drawer. There’s plenty of room for additional spices, and everything is visible at a glance. 

Another, more luxurious option is to build hidden shelves behind your slab backsplash with camouflaged sliding doors to reveal the spices behind them. 

Non-Drip Dog Bowls 

Your little pooch deserves their own spot at the kitchen table. Build them a section in your island with a drawer for their food, removable dishes for easy washing, and a pot filler to refill their bowl without trailing water everywhere. 


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Panel-Ready Appliances 

You’ve gone through the process of selecting stunning cabinets, but can you think of anything worse than putting a generic fridge smackdab in the middle of them all?

Instead, carry on the custom finishes you’ve chosen with panel-ready appliances like your fridge and dishwasher, making them blend seamlessly with the rest of your design.  


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Double Decker Cutlery Drawers

Cutlery drawers are often oversized and underutilized in stock kitchens, so instead of rummaging around for a fork in a sea of rarely used utensils, choose a double-decker drawer. 

Your most used utensils will be at-hand on top, and lesser used items like fine silverware can be kept safe on the bottom layer or vice versa. 

Vented Drawers for Root Veggies 

A bag of produce might seem most economical, but it’s only good if the food lasts. That’s where a vented drawer comes in handy for your onions and potatoes. 

Keep them from sprouting in a cool, dark place that’s convenient enough for dinner throughout the week.