7 Impractical Home Renovation Choices

Take note, because you might want to skip these ones!

You may see some beautiful homes scrolling through Instagram. Perfectly staged, clutter-free, and designs that photograph well, but is any of it actually practical? 

We’ll break down a few popular trends that may not be the best choice for your renovation or new build. 


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1. Skipping the Tub 

If candle-lit soaks aren’t in your future, you may be opting to only include a shower in your bathrooms. And if this is your forever home, that could be the right choice for you. 

However, if you plan to sell five or ten years down the road, adding at least one tub will increase your resale value, especially if you’re in a family-friendly area. 

You may also find it handy if you have visiting relatives with children. 

2. Oversized Islands 

We’re not against adding a large island to your kitchen; we’re more concerned with the space left around it in relation to the rest of the room. 

For it to be in proportion and give you a practical perimeter, you’ll need to consider how much walking space is required when the fridge or dishwasher door is open. Have you created a labyrinth with dead ends or a kitchen with an easy flow? 

3. Vessel Sinks 

Vessel sinks can be the right choice in a space-constrained bathroom with a need for extra storage. However, you’ll spend more time cleaning up water and toothpaste than actually using the sink.


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5. Black Flooring 

We’re a fan of the moodiness a dark floor can add to a space, but if you choose black-black, you will see every little spec of dirt. 

Do you have a pet? Long hair? Toddlers? Your Roomba will be going into overdrive trying to keep up with all the loose hair and spilled Cheerios. 

4. Too Few Outlets and Lights 

While in the midst of a renovation or build, it can be easy to scale back on the budget by reducing the number of outlets and lights in your home.

Not only is it the easiest and most affordable time to do it, but these are small elements that can make a big impact on your day-to-day living. 

Think of all the small appliances in your kitchen that need power or phones that clutter up your countertop when charging–plan for those uses and install outlets where it makes the most sense. 

6. Marble Countertops 

This one may be controversial. Marble is a rich-looking stone with prominent veining that can add design value to your kitchen or bathroom. 

And it can tend to eat at your budget long-term. At installation, you’ll need to opt for a high-quality slab to line the veining up between cuts. It’s also porous and requires constant sealing to keep it from staining or scratching. 

Our advice? If you’re an at-home chef or it’s your main bath, opt for something with a little less maintenance.

7. Forgetting Furnishings 

This one is a little less home-reno-focused and a little more design-focused. Don’t forget to account for soft furnishings once your reno or build is complete. All too often, we see a brand new, custom space with 1990s furniture because it was an afterthought. 

Incorporate this into your larger plans–especially if you dream of a large sectional for family movie nights or the right-sized stools for an eat-in breakfast bar.