How Much Does a Bathroom Renovation Cost?

Considering a bathroom renovation but confused about what it will cost? Here we breakdown how you might allocate your money based on 3 tiers for any budget.

Bathroom Renovation Costs? 3 Tiers for Any Budget.

A bathroom renovation can create a true oasis for you in your home. It’s a spa getaway, a calming retreat, a small slice of serenity where you can shut out the world and exhale. Your bathroom is an ideal space to create a happy place you can visit a few times each day without ever leaving your home. It might be the only room in the house where you safely lock yourself inside to escape the noise of life, the stress of the day, and potentially the chaos that’s happening right outside that door (we see you parents of toddlers!). 

If you’re planning to remodel your bathroom and have started to look for precise estimates on what to expect for cost, you’ll quickly realize that it depends on many factors. Fortunately, you can control your bathroom renovation cost depending on your selections, especially when it comes to materials and finishings. 


Creating Your Bathroom Renovation Budget

In our experience, bathroom renovation costs typically fall within three pricing tiers: low-range, mid-range, and high-end remodels.

In a low-range renovation, you’ll update only the essentials and likely have a bathroom that’s smaller in area size. In a mid-range bathroom remodel, you’ll have more options for materials and finishes and a bit more space to work within. When it comes to high-end renovations, you’re probably working within a large master bathroom and might not be concerned with cost as much as value having it outfitted with the latest products, including new plumbing fixtures, cabinets, countertops, flooring and accessories.

Here we outline the primary elements in a typical bathroom renovation, and what you can expect to fit within your budget depending on the price tier you fall within.



In a bathroom, no matter what your budget is, you’re probably going to have cabinetry made with MDF or solid wood. The bigger your budget or, the more high-end your renovation will give you more options for customizing your vanity and likely more overall room to add cabinetry and custom storage solutions.

  • Low-range: In this range, you’ll likely stick with a simple 36-inch vanity with one sink and double doors underneath for storage.
  • Mid-range: With a mid-range budget, you can opt for a double vanity with his and hers sinks, add a couple of drawers for storage, and have the double doors under each sink.
  • High-end: In a high-end remodel, you can go for a more modern and sleek look with a face frame vanity withdrawers and doors that are flush with everything around them. You also have the opportunity to include custom storage solutions in your cabinetry, like a tower to hold towels and bath products. You can even get more creative and detailed by choosing intricate door and drawer fronts. 



Countertop prices vary significantly based on materials. There is a lot of price variation even among the same materials. For example, granite can be $55 per square foot for a common stone but closer to $160 per square foot for a rarer pattern of origin. 

  • Low-range: Laminate (expect to budget about $25 per square foot). 
  • Mid-range: Quartz or granite (these can range in price considerably from $55-$160 per square foot depending on the stone’s pattern/origin).
  • High-end: Marble (expect this to start around the $125 per square foot mark).


Plumbing Fixtures

One mistake you’ll want to avoid in your bathroom renovation is blowing the budget on intricate tile work and compromising on the shower or sink. In the bathroom, the fixtures are your top priority — they are the elements that add the most functionality to the room and accessorize it. When it comes to plumbing fixtures, your budget will determine whether you have a 3 or 4 piece bathroom, the quality of the fixtures you select, and the types of finishings you want them to have.

  • Low-range: In a low-range bathroom renovation, you’ll likely have a 3-piece bathroom with a bathtub shower combination, a simple top mount sink in your vanity with laminate countertops and a toilet. You’ll get basic plumbing fixtures (showerhead and tap) with a chrome finish.
  • Mid-range: With this budget, you could go for a 4-piece bathroom with a separate tub and shower. If size is a limiting factor and you have to choose between a bath and a shower, you could modernize the room with a fully tiled shower with a 10 mm frameless glass door. If you went for quartz or granite countertops with your vanity, you could have an under-mount sink placed where a hole is cut into the stone. For your plumbing fixtures, you could go with a unique shape or different finish such as matte black or champagne bronze.
  • High-end: With a high-end remodel, you can include both a shower and tub. You could choose either a modern free-standing option or a classic clawfoot tub that’s a showpiece of its own with a Roman tub filler. To add to the aura of luxury, you can select a vessel sink (they come in a variety of materials, like stone or porcelain, with many shapes and sizes) or an under-mount sink cut into your marble countertops. As for plumbing fixtures, you can go for the most luxurious brands, like Brizzo, and choose unique showerheads and taps in any variety of custom colours and finishings. To make your shower even more spa-like, you add a rain head and seating options!


Flooring / Tile

Generally the most popular flooring material for bathrooms is tile with the type of tile you choose depending on your budget. However, tile in your bathroom will extend beyond the floor. Depending on your remodel, you might need to make tile selections for your vanity, backwash, and shower as well.

  • Low-range: The least expensive tile options in this range will be about $2.50-$5 per square foot. You will likely have acrylic walls in your shower-bathtub combo but can add tile above the acrylic walls. This will save you some money by letting you have the minimal amount of tile for a shower but the water-proofing required. 
  • Mid-range: With a mid-range budget, you have a few more options for flooring materials. You could still go for tile but choose one that’s in the $7.50-$15 per square foot price range. Or opt for a water-resistant LVP flooring if you don’t love the look of tile. For your shower, you could select a shower with an acrylic base, but have the walls finished with tile. As for the rest of the tile in your bathroom, you’ll have the freedom to add more than in a low-range renovation.
  • High-end: With this budget, you can splurge for a high-end tile (typically priced around $25 or more per square foot), and you can have as much of it as you want. You could also opt for a large format tile or hand-painted tiles for a more detailed and unique look.



Small fixtures like hardware and accessories can often be overlooked when carrying out a bathroom renovation. Cabinet hardware such as hinges, handles and door knobs can also be the perfect accent to finish off the room. Like most of the selections you make in your bathroom remodel, the cost of these items will largely depend on the material and quality.

  • Low-range: With a low-range renovation, expect to include one towel bar and hand pulls for drawers and cabinets in the $5-$9 per handle price range.
  • Mid-range: In this price range, you can add a few more accessories and different hardware styles. Think, more hooks and handles priced at about $10-$15 per handle.
  • High-end: If money isn’t an issue, you can go for high-end cabinet pulls and handles, priced around $25 per handle. Because you likely have a large bathroom, you can accommodate multiple robe hooks, towel bars and hand towel rings.  

Whatever your dream bathroom looks like, and whatever your budget is, by setting realistic expectations on the materials and finishings you can afford, there are many ways to bring your vision to life! Numbers aside, having a spa getaway in your own home is simply something you can’t put a price on. 

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