5 Home Renovation Ideas That Add Value

Whether you are looking to sell your home, or to add beauty and functionality that you can enjoy for years to come, here are 5 home renovation tips for upgrades that will add value to your home.

Whether you’re looking to sell, rent or just constructively upgrade your home, renovation should always be taken with a grain of salt. While there are many projects you could start right away, be sure not to throw money out the window without adding value to your property.

Recouping the investment is key when choosing what to renovate. This decision is influenced by a variety of factors, such as your personal needs, cost compared to value and market trends. For example, if you were competing in the Calgary housing market, where nearly every house has a basement, enhancing yours might be profitable. Conversely, big, spa-like bathrooms are usually preferred in Airdrie homes, so working on these spaces might be the safest bet there.

Among the many renovation possibilities, there are a few that could get you the best value for your dollar in any situation or location:

1.   Upgrade the Entrance Door

This renovation is a simple project that could have a great influence on how others perceive your home. The initial knock on the door will strike a first impression that can outweigh any other benefits you might try to highlight.

Needless to say, everything else surrounding your home should be clean and eye-catching. Maximizing curb appeal is an important step in adding value to your home. If you want to start small and not go overboard with the exterior of the house, try a steel door with glass panels at the top. It will be worth the investment.

2.   Kitchen

The kitchen is the place buyers find the most value when purchasing a new home. Invest in your kitchen to make it functional, organize and family friendly. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and the place that you will spend time with your family.

3.   Bathrooms

There’s nothing like a warm shower or a bubbly bath to unwind from a busy day. Bathrooms are an essential part of the house that shouldn’t be ignored if you want to add value to your home.

Just like kitchens, there are many fixtures that could unnecessarily dip into your pocketbook. If you have a bigger budget, consider adding an extra bathroom. There’s probably unused space in your house that could be transformed, and you wouldn’t regret it.

4.   Lights, Space, Action

Dark, small places are not exactly a sight for sore eyes. Enhancing the natural light in your house will make it more appealing and welcoming. To do this, take down some walls and create an open floor plan that adds a special twist to the property.

If knocking down walls is not an option, consider upgrading the lighting fixtures in the rooms. Look for chic styles, but also keep in mind that it should be well-lit and energy-efficient.

5.   Finish the Basement

There’s never enough room in a house. Finishing the basement will give you that much-needed, extra space. Transform it into a playroom, a gym, a relaxation sanctuary, a media room or anything else that you might need.

Choose a light colour palette and remember to add plenty of lights to brighten up the space. If you have the option, add an extra bathroom to increase the value of the investment even more.

Renovations involve money, sweat and, sometimes, even tears. Choosing the right project according to your needs and location will help you recoup some of that investment and beautify your home in the best possible way.