What Could Your House Say About You?

Find different ways to show your personality in your home.

What could your house say about you?

More than you might think. 

Most home builders don’t take the time to get to know you and your lifestyle, and that means they miss out on opportunities to truly make it custom to you. 

So what’s your personality? We want to know! The answers change how we design the set-up of your home. 

Start by seeing if you made our top requested home personalities below. Don’t see anything familiar on the list? Let us know, and we’ll make a home profile for you in a free consultation. 

Dog Parents 

To you, your house isn’t really a home without your furry friend, so why not make it their house too? 

Add a standing-height dog bath station to your mudroom. That way, your house doesn’t suffer the consequences of an enthusiastic lunge for the mud puddle at the dog park. 

In your kitchen, give your pup a pot filler faucet above their dog bowls to save drippy trips to the sink. While you’re at it, include slide-out kibble storage under or beside their bowls. 

Keep your puppy out of trouble by adding hide-away dog gates to contain them in rug-free areas of your home. Or, if they have free range, add steps to your bedside to help their tiny or aging legs get up for morning snuggles. 

Sports Fanatics 

Put your basement to good use by turning it into a year-round sportscast with hockey in the winter, baseball in the summer and everything in between. 

Set yourself up with a soundproofed theatre room that is not short on quality surround sound. Choose from one large projector for tailgate-style viewing or multiple screens for the sports-bar feel—it will save you from flipping back and forth between games. 

Watch from tiered, plush recliners and add a standing bar at the back for when the Flames and Oilers make playoffs, and you can’t help but pace a little. 

Since this will be the go-to house for game night, don’t forget the drinks and snacks. Add a wet bar with keg taps, a wine cooler, and mounted liquor dispensers next to a buffet with built-in warmer trays or a popcorn machine. 

Top it all off with display cases for your memorabilia built to spec for jerseys, balls, and more.


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Whether you’ve got an impressive professional wardrobe or you like to mix it up with fun, seasonal styles, you need somewhere to not only store your clothes but to showcase them. 

Opt for a large walk-in closet or two if you’re a couple that needs to express their own taste. Consider your wardrobe and make room for each category like hanging sections for long dresses or jackets, racks for boots, heels and flats, purse drawers, and watch display cases. 

Make it a room you’ll never want to leave with a relaxing seating area, full-length mirrors, colour-balanced lighting, and walk-outs to the bedroom and bathroom. 

In the adjacent bathroom, make space for a large seated vanity with customizable storage for skincare, makeup and hair routines. 


Your home should reflect the whole family, and that goes beyond paint colours in your kids’ rooms. 

Choose between acreage living with plenty of room to play in big backyards or inner-city within walking distance of desirable school zones.

Then add hobby rooms to your main floor or basement, depending on whether you want to keep an eye on your kids with open-concept living or find a little peace and quiet while they entertain themselves in rooms that cater to independent play. 

Each family is unique, but we see a lot of requests for movie theatres with seating for everyone and cabinetry to tuck away consoles, game rooms with ping pong tables and air hockey, or organized craft rooms that can get messy and clean up just as easy.


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