When is the Best Time to Plan a Home Addition?

Advice on when is the best time to plan for a home addition and tips on how to start planning! Melanson Homes can help alleviate the stress of home renovations!

The best time to build your addition is definitely in the summer. This is fairly standard for any contractor. It may seem inconvenient to plan around the seasons, but let’s face it, a huge hole in the side/top of your house will do better in the summer rather than the dead of a Calgary winter!

Getting Started

It’s coming to the end of the year, that means coming to terms with the changes that need to be made. The beginning of a new year is about fresh starts, new goals, and changes. This can mean many things to different people. For some, it means new fitness goals, wardrobe updates – maybe a new haircut! In the spirit of fresh starts, the New Year can be a great time to consider a home improvement.

The holidays can emphasize to us the areas in which our homes are lacking. Perhaps some of us have realized our lack of space while having the in-laws visit! Or maybe you noticed your kitchen needs an update because it just isn’t functional for your ever-growing family. Your first instinct might be to look for a new house, but if you love your location, your community or just the fact that it’s your home, it’s a good opportunity for a home addition. Realizing you want to expand and renovate your home is the easy part, deciding what to do can be challenging.

Finding The Home Addition For You

  • If you have a bungalow, the obvious choice would be to add a second floor.
  • If you already have a two-story, maybe you could expand the kitchen, or perhaps you could expand all three levels of your home (including the basement).

What you do with the added space is up to you! You could add a master suite for your aging parents or build a home gym for yourself to help with your other New Year’s resolutions! The options really are endless. Once you’ve narrowed it down and figured out what would make the biggest improvement to your home – it’s time to make a plan.

Make Your Home Addition Plan

The first thing you need to do is plan! Plan, plan, plan, plan, plan! When doing a home addition, there are very strict guidelines on the size of your project. The planning process can take quite some time, so it is best to start planning for your home addition first thing in the New Year.

The Beginning of The Home Addition Process

  • Your contractor will need ample time to work with you and a designer to design exactly what your addition will look like and how it will fit into your existing home.
  • Then they will work closely with the City of Calgary to obtain the proper permits to ensure that your home addition is completely up to code. (Or any of the surrounding jurisdictions based on the locations of your home)

The process is extensive and can take a lot of time, so the more time you have for the planning phase, the better.

Final Home Addition Considerations

  • It may seem stressful, but try to enjoy the process, it can be very exciting!
  • Be sure to work with someone you trust that can take your stress away through their knowledge and experience.
  • Start planning today!