Calgary Custom Home Trends in 2022

Find the perfect blend between trends and long-lasting style as we build a custom home that revolves around you.

When you build a home from scratch, it’s fully customizable to your lifestyle. While we’re all for a trend and staying current, we’re more interested in building a home around you. 

With so many options, it can be overwhelming to start, but we’ve pulled together some of this year’s most inspiring design choices to save as you dream of your new home. 

When you’re ready, call us. We’ll help you find the perfect balance between the trends and long-lasting style. 

Venetian Hoodfan.

1. Choosing a Kitchen Focal Point

Over the past several years, you’ve seen an increase in custom kitchens. From professional gas ranges to walk-in pantries housing a caterer’s kitchen, there are so many options to make your kitchen your own. 

So if cooking dinner for your family and friends is something you look forward to, make sure you pay attention to this room. 

In particular, we’re seeing impressive focal points like the Venitian Plaster Hoodfans take over this year. They make a functional feature a clean, textured fixture above your stove. 

If you’re boiling pasta made from scratch, simmering stocks, or simply putting on the kettle, the pot filler faucet is an additional touch that makes prep for any recipe easy!

Marble backsplash and shelf.

Image courtesy of Eyeswoon.

2. Staging Your Kitchen

Once left to home decor magazines and, more recently, food bloggers, staging your kitchen for everyday use and style can bring personality and depth to your space. 

Glass cupboards and under-cabinet lighting are timeless elements that make a significant impact and give your home a higher-end feel. But if you really want your dinner guests to stop and stare, opt for a seamless marble backsplash and open shelving look.  

Showcase plates, platters, glassware, vases, art, and wooden cutting boards here. For a cookbook-worthy feel, mix and match textures but stick to a monochromatic colour scheme. 

Glass wine cellar under staircase.

3. Building a Home to Entertain

One of the many benefits of building your home is that you get to customize entire rooms around your passions. 

Wine is no exception. 

Design your home with an accent display case wall or a room dedicated to Okanogan go-tos and vintages from all over the world. 

Whichever option you choose, it needs to be light and temperature-controlled to protect every last drop. 

4. Bringing the Outdoors In

If you want your home to feel like an escape to the mountains that never ends, bring natural elements into your home. 

A great way to do that is with a stone accent wall. 

Not only can it make for a grand fireplace, but it can also bring warmth to other rooms in your home, like your master bath. 

Soaking with a private, treed view next to a natural stone wall will have you feeling like you’re on vacation in Banff, and since it’s your home, it will feel like a holiday every day. 

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